Jul 02, 2016 · .proj A popular convention for generic use. Commonly used by a main build script. Examples: build.proj main.proj company.product.build.proj .targets .targets files are those which is meant to be imported into other files using the Import element. So, for example, you could change a sheet name (perhaps with a drop down menu) and pull in information from different worksheet. How this formula works. The INDIRECT function tries to evaluate text as a worksheet reference. In this example, we have Sheet names in column B, so we join the sheet name to the cell reference A1 using concatenation:

But they do not build successfully within Visual Studio due to various project reference errors. ... Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 cannot open wix.sln Goto https: ... Creating a .wixproj File. In order to build WiX using MSBuild, a .wixproj file must be created. The easiest way to create a new .wixproj for your installer is to WiX in Visual Studio because it automatically generates standard msbuild project files that can be built on the command line by simply typing: