Fixing Common Force Close Problems. Most often, force close messages are caused by the app accessing corrupted data. For one reason or another, the app expects a certain bit of data to be available and can't access it. Since the program isn't programmed or "told" what to do in such situations, the result is a force close. In these cases ...If you don't use Exit to close the app, it stays running in the background. So if it freezes or locks up, it will remain that until you force the app to close by using Exit. Hitting the power button on the remote won't stop it either, since that really just puts the TV to sleep.

i have a Tmobile Prism, and its been force closing everything (all my apps, including the android system) i cant sent texts because it force closes, i cant receive any b.c it says that the text message memory is full, i turned the phone off alot of times this week and last week i removed the little SIM card, i cleared the data on the messaging app, i read on the tmobile website that this phone ...Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Spotify has been amazing for a month. I pretty much only use an online playlist on random. All of a sudden today, it seems like I can't get through one song without it skipping out of the blue to the next song. Unattended programs that must be kept running at all times can get terminated for some reason. Here is a selection of 8 free tools that can keep an application running by automatically starting it up again when it's closed or crashes.