6 www.irf.com QG QGS QGD VG Charge D.U.T. VDS IG ID 3mA VGS.3µF 50KΩ 12V .2µF Current Regulator Same Type as D.U.T. Current Sampling Resistors +- Fig 13a. Basic Gate Charge Waveform Fig 13b. For example, you can feel safe using a modem like the ARRIS SB6183 or NETGEAR CM600 as they use a Broadcom chipset. Intel Puma 6 Modem List – Do Not Buy These Cable Modems. Do not buy these modems to avoid current and future problems with the Intel Puma chipsets. This list also includes Intel Puma 7 chipset modems.

TIP31A: COMPLEMENTARY SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS: Micro Electronics: 20: TIP31A: POWER TRANSISTORS(3A,40-100V,40W) MOSPEC Semiconductor: 21: TIP31A: POWER TRANSISTORS COMPLEMENTARY SILICON: Motorola: 22: TIP31A: Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 3A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220 Tube: New Jersey Semiconductor: 23: TIP31A: Complementary Silicon Plastic Power Transistors - NPN: ON Semiconductor: 24: TIP31A