The metacentric heights GM T and GM L are then found with: GM T’ = KM T’ – Z G [m] GM L’ = KM L’ – Z G [m] The CoG coordinates X G and Z G are read from the ini-file. 3 User defined GZ-curves The user can use his own curves of heave restoring force versus heave, transverse stability arm GZ T versus roll and longitudinal stability arm GZ L versus pitch. University of New Orleans [email protected] Senior Honors Theses Undergraduate Showcase 5-2014 Damage Stability of Inland Towboats Kyle Stephen Tyson In ship design the choice of the Metacentric height is a compromise between stability and the amount that the ship rolls. In British Dreadnaught Battle ships, for instanace, the metacentric height was so great that they had a tendency to roll badly, even with large bilge keels. The Righting couple

Dec 11, 2019 · Metacentric height is the distance between a floating body’s metacenter and its center of gravity.It is a measure of a floating body’s stability such that a ship with a large metacentric height is more stable than a ship with a smaller one.