TN-2235, TN-2275 Toner Material name: BPB Use of Product: These products are black toner in a cartridge for Brother Industries, Ltd. laser printers, multifunction devices and fax receivers. The cartridge should be used as supplied by Brother and for use in the products stated. Information provided on this MSDS is only consistent with the use Purchase HP HP 45 HEW51645A and other superior Imaging Supplies & Parts with speedy delivery from!

Material Safety Data Sheet July 1, 2004 Page 6 of 6 HP LaserJet Print Cartridge C7115A/X 16.0 Other information Date Prepared: July 1, 2004 HP-DMS Document Control Number: EU Information This MSDS was prepared in compliance with EU Directive 91/155/EEC as amended by 2001/58/EC and USA OSHA Hazard Communications regulations (29CFR1910:1200).