UC Davis FrontDoor. Check out the UC Davis FrontDoor site to learn more about local communities, resources and the university. On the site is a Total Compensation Calculator that shows how the value of a UC Davis job goes far beyond your salary. Employees also point to the intangible benefits of working at UC Davis. To improve our security posture, UC Davis Health has incorporated Duo Security as a multi-factor authentication solution to access EPCS, Office 365, VPN, HS Apps, and other applications from off-site locations.

May 24, 2019 · Contact: [email protected] Jennifer Long - HR Analyst Responsible for: All Academic and Staff Human Resource Services: Employee benefits liaison Interpretation of UC system-wide personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements UC Davis Time Reporting System Monthly Employee User Guide 4 . Once on the TRS main page select the Employees link. This link will take you to the online timesheet. You can select the TRS Resources link to learn more about TRS, including an FAQ and Best Practices section. Manage My Time Tab Upon logging in you will be on the Manage My Time tab.