Nov 04, 2015 · A video on how I care for my ocellated skinks and what their setup is Thank you for watching LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content JOIN THE MAKER STUDIOS NETWO... There are two species of Eyed or Ocellated lizard commonly kept in the hobby, Timon lepidus and Timon pater. The former is the larger of the two, reaching around 60cm, and is the hardiest of the two species – it is often kept in secure outdoor enclosures even in Northern Europe (with supplementary heating), and is usually provided with a true period of brumation (hibernation).

Caresheets for all types of pet lizards and lizard feeder insects. Eyed lizards are a member of the wall lizard family from south western Europe. They are very distinct with bright green, yellow and blue colouration with small black speckles covering its back. They have a very long tail running to a thin point which is around 2/3 - 1/2 of the length of the lizard. Jeweled Lacerta lizard is also known with other common names such as ocellated lizard, eyed lizard. These are the active, diurnal lizards that hunt insect prey on the ground. In captivity, most jeweled lose that fear as they associate their keepers with food.