Traditional lateral bracing systems for this type of construction include shear walls with flat steel sheets, steel tension-only flat-strap wall bracing, proprietary hot-rolled diagonally braced panels, conventional steel-braced frames, and shear walls sheathed with a proprietary board that combines gypsum wall board and sheet metal. Shop sheet metal in the metal rods, shapes & sheets section of Find quality sheet metal online or in store.

Innovative Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Wall Sheathed with Corrugated Steel Sheets: Experiments and Dynamic Analysis Cheng Yu 1, Guowang Yu 2, Jie Wang 3 Abstract . Cold-formed steel framed shear wall sheathed with corrugated steel sheets is a promising shear wall system for low- and mid-rise constructions in high wind Lateral loads are primarily resisted by roof diaphragms and shear walls in post-frame buildings. While a variety of sheathing materials can be used, most often corrugated steel sheets are fastened to the wood frame to form shear walls and diaphragms. The strength and stiffness of