Eccobond 286 is supplied in a Cardboard box Containing 2 squeeze tubes (Parts A and B) and a mixing Stick. Equal volumes of each component are squeezed out side by side and then blessed, the material is then applied to the mating surface. The proper amount of thixotropy is built in to assure minimum runout without sacrificing wetting. Text: conducted at NuSil Cuming Emerson & R-765, 70% flourosilicone per 0.48 Eccobond 104 0.52 0.14 0.08 , Emerson & Cuming MIL-R-25988 Eccobond 104 A/B 0.08 0.52 Glenair Test at NuSil Data Sheet Torlon. Original: PDF 2014 - Guidelines for Space-Grade Applications. Abstract: ZZ-R-765 properties ECCOBOND 104

Henkel Loctite Loctite Ablestik 104 is a 2 Part Heat, Part A/Part B, Epoxy, Liquid used to Bond Ceramics, Glass, and Metal. View datasheet for Henkel Loctite Ablestik 104.