Data Sheet 5 Rev. 1.1, 2019-04-09 TLV493D-A1B6 3D Magnetic Sensor Product Description 1 Product Description 1.1 Target Applications The 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power If you need to maintain a steady voltage on your circuit, then this LDO TLV70033QDDCRQ1 linear regulator from Texas Instruments is perfect for you! Its typical dropout voltage at current is [email protected] V. It has an overall accuracy of ±2 %. This voltage regulation device's single output can produce a current up to 0.2 A.

bq500212A bqTESLA Wireless Power TX EVM The bqTESLA™ wireless power transmitter evaluation module from Texas Instruments is a high-performance, easy-to-use development module for the design of wireless power solutions. The single-channel transmitter enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications. The