Shutter speed allows you to control how long the shutter remains open while taking a photo. In this article, you'll learn how to master your camera's shutter speed settings in order to sharpen your images, blur motion, create dreamy water effects, light trails and more! 22 Extremely Useful and Handy Photography Cheat Sheets Advertisement Today our post is for photographers.Whether you are an amateur photographer like me or a professional photographer,we always need handy tips.So i thought it would be good to bring together photography cheat sheets which i found today.Hope they help you to learn something new.

Manual photography is difficult to learn. Reference this DSLR cheat sheet to help remind you of the settings for exposure, aperture, depth of field, ISO, and shutter speed. #photography #dslr#introtophoto #manualphotography#introtophotography #tpt #teacherspayteachers#aperture #shutterspeed #ISO #depthoffield#exposure