The Army changed the regulations in 2015 after realizing that its restrictions on tattoos were costing it recruits. Surveys have shown that some 30% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 have at least one tattoo, and tattoos are nearly as popular among those younger than 25. Canadian Gun Laws - Changes to the Canadian Firearms Program. On April 5, 2012, Bill C-19, Ending the Long-Gun RegistryAct, came into effect. The key changes are as follows: Removal of the requirement to register non-restricted firearms; Destruction of the existing non-restricted firearms registration records

Oct 01, 2002 · Canadian military law, including the military system of justice, is a component of Canadian law and subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Recent amendments to the National Defence Act modernize and strengthen the military justice system by enhancing its transparency, fairness and effectiveness. 4 (1) The Act and these Regulations apply to Canadian Forces members — both officers and non-commissioned members — who are serving (a) in the regular force; or (b) in the reserve force and have been paid, as of March 31 in the reporting period, for 75 days or more of reserve service.