PID Control S7-300 and S7-400 Function blocks PID Control Parameter assignment user interface PID Control Electronic manual PID Control The “PID Control” software package includes the following components: – The function blocks CONT_C, CONT_S and PULSEGEN. – The parameter assignment user interface for configuring the controller blocks. The goal is to control the trajectory of the flight path of six degree of freedom flying body model using fractional PID. The design of fractional PID controller for the six degree of freedom flying body is described. The parameters of fractional PID controller are optimized by particle swarm optimization (PSO) method.

Create Discrete-Time Standard-Form PID Controller. This example shows how to create a standard-form discrete-time Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller that has K p = 29.5, T i = 1.13, T d = 0.15 N = 2.3, and sample time T s 0.1 : Optimal control • Performance index and constraints • Programmed control – compute optimal control as a time function for particular initial (and final) conditions • Optimal control synthesis – find optimal control for any initial conditions – at any point in time apply control that is optimal now, based on the current state.