Hypalon Rubber Sheets Hypalon is very resistant to attack by oxygen and ozone, and properly compounded products show excellent weathering resistance. High tensile strength is characteristic of hypalon vulcanizates, which do not need the use of highly reinforcing fillers for good tensile properties. Discount Rubber Direct supplies thin gauge and heavy gauge rubber materials. We sell the highest quality products including: Tan Gum Rubber , Red SBR , Neoprene Rubber , Butyl Rubber Rolls , Hypalon ® Rubber , Neoprene Food-Grade Rubber , Nitrile Rubber and more.

HYPALON RUBBER SHEET We are also capable of producing molded slabs up to 4" thick and we can slit into strips or stripping.Hypalon was Duponts trade name for “CSM” Chlorosulfonated Polyethelene. Dupont discontinued producing Hypalon “CSM” in 2010. CSM base polymer is being produced by various chemical manufacturers.