The DPoE specifications provide requirements for EPON equipment to be provisioned using the same DOCSIS servers. Provide Metro Ethernet services as defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)—the DPoE specifications provide an architecture and requirements to support the Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service. DPOE SPECIFICATIONS Implementation or use of specific Metro Ethernet standards or recommendations and MEF specifications and guidelines will be voluntary, and no company shall be obliged to implement them by virtue of participation in the MEF Forum.

The Metro Ethernet Forum states that carrier Ethernet systems must provide the ability to monitor, diagnose and centrally manage a network, using standards-based vendor independent implementations. DNA-M takes this one step further by offering management across multiple layers to further simplify management, This document contains specifications for interconnecting Operator CENs in order to support MEF Forum Ethernet Services. This Technical Specification specifies: The requirements at the ENNI reference point as well as the interface functionality in sufficient detail to ensure interoperability between two Operator CENs.