Employees complain that timesheets are a waste of time and have no true purpose because the manual and tedious process relies on a lot of guesswork, but creative management is forced to rely on these numbers. Creative leaders need more effective tools to improve their operations.

What is Time Sheet Management? Timesheet management is an important part of corporate life. Previously, manual timesheets used to be collected, reported and stored. Then excel timesheets came in and employees used to send timesheets through email to the managers. They could also take printout and provide them when it may require doing so. TIMESHEETS PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE in work management. For instance, tracking billable time to charge customers, assessing if the result is worth the input, calculating payroll and other expenses. Fortunately, logging in your work time is nowadays much easier thanks to countless online tools and applications. Jun 28, 2016 · The reality is timesheets don’t really suck. The paper based system does! The paper based system does! Having the right online time tracking solution for your firm actually empowers agencies and creative professionals, helping them get insight into how their business is performing and where time is being spent.