Covestro ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of premium polymers. The company’s products and application solutions are found in nearly every area of modern life. Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces behind the organization’s continuous development of its products, processes and facilities.

Applicant & Consumer Access. If you are a background screening applicant and would like to request a copy of a report or dispute the findings in a Justifacts Background Check Report, please choose an option to begin the process: Request Copy of Report Applicant Dispute Information In addition, Vivak® is resistant to weathering and, depending on the application, UV-stable. Their good fire behavior makes these co-polyester sheets a reliable solution in many fields of application.Easy forming at low temperatures saves energy and allows shorter cycle times, as well. So Vivak® provides an added plus on productivity. Covestro polycarbonate sheet hits the right note for musical application Thursday, December 15, 2016 Polycarbonate sheet brings bold, colorful Covestro signage to life